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Newsletter, No3/2016 (April)

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  • Editorial
    Challenges for peace in Kenya, by Samuel Kobia
  • The Globethics.net Libraries
    Globethics.net online library reaches 4.25 million documents
    New Credo Mind Map
    Credo reference articles update
    New Theses Tab
  • Globethics.net Network
    Partner focus - The Amity Foundation
    Tell us your stories - call for testimonies
    Cooperation agreement with the University of Nigeria (UNN)
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  • Research/Projects
    Global Ethics Forum 2016 – early bird registration closes on 15 April
    African Christian Asset Programme (ACAP) workshop
    Globethics.net support for leadership training in Wuhan, China
    Two-day conference on ethical values in Switzerland
    Ecotheology conference in Greece and manifesto
    Gathering of the Amity Foundation partners in Norway
    Global Environmental Policy Programme - Executive Summer School in Geneva
  • Publications
    Collines des mille souvenirs : vivre après et avec le génocide perpétré contre les Tutsi du Rwanda (in French) by Andrea Grieder
    Globalisation of Concern III: Essays on Climate Justice, Education, Sustainability and Technology by Aidan G. Msafiri
  • News from the Head Office
    Anniversary celebrations for Globethics.net Executive Director-elect
    Farewells and changes
  • News from the Regional Programmes
    Globethics.net China: 
    Workshop on business ethics and social responsibility
    Globethics.net East Africa: 
    Press release - Christians and Muslims cooperate to overcome violent extremism
    Globethics.net East Turkey: 
    Save the date: Sixth Annual International Ethics Summit on 13 June 2016
    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Integrity Week
    Cross Cultural Business Ethics Survey
    Globethics.net South America: 
    Note on Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security (ETCF) consultation
    Programa de Voluntariado Globethic.net Sur América
    Globethics.net Russia: 
    Update on Essay Competition Strategic Matrix-2016 
Editorial by Samuel Kobia

Challenges for peace in Kenya, by Samuel Kobia

portrait of Samuel KobiaIn the run up to the 2016 Easter holidays the Inspector General of Police admonished Kenyans to be extra vigilant following what he said was credible information that al -Shabaab planned terrorist attacks on strategic institutions, critical infrastructure and against ordinary Kenyans. It is to be re-membered that the first anniversary of the terrorist strike on Garrissa University College, in which 147 students were killed, took place on 2 April 2015, barely a week after Easter Sunday. Kenyans are having to get used to living with their peace under a constant state of threat.  Over the years, Kenya has been an island of peace in an otherwise troubled region. Thousands of people fled Uganda in the early 1980s, Somalia in the early 1990s, and Sudan in the mid-1990s to early 2000s to seek refuge in Kenya. To date Dadaab in the North Eastern region of Kenya has the biggest refugee camp in Africa. With a population of over 350,000 it could be considered to be the fourth biggest city in Kenya.
 It is only about five years ago that Kenya started to experience serious challenges to its peace and security. In 2011 Kenyan al-Shabaab leader, Ahmed Iman Ali, stated that, "No one doubts that Jihad should now be waged inside Kenya", which according to him was now legally a war zone. Since then Kenya has witnessed a series of al-Shabaab-led terrorist attacks: Westgate Mall in Nairobi on 21 September 2013; Mpeketoni on the Coast on 15 June 2014; Mandera in North Eastern Kenya on 2 December 2014; Garissa University College in North Eastern Kenya on 2 April 2015; and Mandera on 7 July 2015. The combined total number of casualties resulting from the attacks is over three hundred, with many more injured.
The country is on a permanent state of security alert especially in towns and market places. Security guards are stationed at the entrance to virtually every public place - shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, and more recently even church buildings. Worshippers are frisked before entering the sanctuary.
The biggest threat is external and posed by al-Shabaab. Overcoming it becomes a big challenge because Kenyan youth are recruited, trained by al-Shabaab and ISIS in Somalia, Syria, Iraq and even Lybia, then deployed to undertake terrorist attacks in Kenya. Initially recruitment took place in mosques targeting Muslim youth who considered themselves to be victims of historical injustices, marginalized, profiled, and disenfranchised. Today most of the recruitment takes place in universi-ties, colleges and high schools targeting disillusioned and frustrated non-Muslim students.
Kenya has made commendable efforts at facing up to the challenge. Terrorist attacks have been significantly reduced during the last year since the Garissa University College attack, not because terrorists relented but because the government security apparatuses have become more effective in thwarting their plans. Also Kenyans have become more resilient and cooperate more with the security agents. Through dialogue platforms the government has a robust programme of engaging the youth for purposes of de-radicalization and trust building. The government has also escalated its response against terrorists through better coordination, equipment and intelligence.  
Still challenges for peace continue on two fronts; external (through brutal force like mass murder) and internal (through the spreading of the ideology of extremism).  Externally, al-Shabaab continues to pose serious threats.  Even though ISIS is under great pressure in Syria and Iraq yet, together with its Eastern Africa ally, al-Shabaab, constitutes an existential threat to Kenya as a nation-state. The map depicting ‘A new world order', as conceived by the so- called Islamic State (see ‘Empire of Fear' by Andrew Hosken) includes a good chunk of Kenya's North Eastern and Coastal regions.  The ultimate objective is to establish an Eastern African region of a global caliphate to replace the existing government systems and political order.  
Internally, corruption and increased youth radicalisation and indoctrination contributes to threatening peace and as a source of insecurity.  Al-Shabaab and other organised criminal groups can bribe their way through by compromising the police and other security agents.  Unless and until more Kenyans assume a deeper sense of healthy patriotism and adopt a good work ethic, corruption will remain ‘a national security threat,' according to President Uhuru Kenyatta.
The loss of the sense of value and self-worth leads to the vulnerability experienced by a great number of Kenyan youth. The feeling of loss, including loss of dignity and loss of connectedness to others, is at the heart of human vulnerability. Concerted efforts at community and national levels are needed in envisioning that which gives the younger generation a reason to live and hope. The current leadership has a moral responsibility to shape individuals, families and communities in which the ultimate dignity of every Kenyan is affirmed. It is our conviction that inspires us to continue promoting dialogue among Kenyan people to deliberate on national values, leadership and integrity as key principles on which peace and social cohesion are based.  
Globethics Board Member and Senior Advisor to the President of Kenya on Cohesion, Peace and Conflict Resolution


The Globethics.net Libraries

Globethics.net online library reaches 4.25 million documents

The Globethics.net online library has more than doubled its content and now has 4.25 million fully searchable documents accessible for free. This is due to developments in the availability of more content worldwide from open repositories and to technical improvements on our platform. There are now 98 million documents available to be harvested through Open Access Initiative content (OAI), an increase from 50 million documents that were available in the past to be harvested, from several thousand OAI repositories. 
Of the 4.25 million documents in the Globethics.net library 2.92 million are harvested from OAI sources, using carefully selected search terms and exclusions, to ensure that only relevant ethics and ethics related documents are imported. Globethics.net librarians are using the same search queries to harvest the content as last year and they are also working hard to add new  queries, which will further increase ethics related content in the library. Access to scientific and academic literature is now more open than ever before.

New Credo Mind Map

You can access a huge range of encyclopaedias,dictionaries, biographies and handbooks in applied ethics by using the new Credo Mind Map. The Credo brainstorming tool can be used to find related terms and to expand your search in an intuitive and fun way

Please note that the links below are accessible only to registered participants after logging in to the Globethics.net website (login is possible using the sign in boxes at the top of each page of the website).
To find the Credo Mind Map go to http://www.globethics.net/library/browse-the-reference-books, which takes you directly to the Credo Mind Map.
As an example you can expand your research by terms related to Agriculture, http://www.globethics.net/library/credo-agriculture to find a rich reference resources full of thousands of entries.
new Credo Mind Map


Credo reference articles (update)

Over 918,000 reference articles from Credo are now available for registered participants directly in the Globethics.net library when you choose the tab ‘Ref. Articles' in the library search pages at http://www.globethics.net/library/reference-articles.

New Theses Tab

You can search over 158,000 freely accessible PhD theses in the Globethics.net library when you select the ‘Theses' tab in the library section of the site, http://www.globethics.net/library/theses.
This is a valuable tool for academic researchers that gives you access to the latest thinking and al-lows you to search within theses. For instance if you are interested in theses on education you can find over 18,000 academic PhD theses related to your search query.

Globethics.net Network

Partner Focus – The Amity Foundation

The Amity Foundation is the largest and oldest Chinese development agency. Created in 1985 by the China Christian Council CCC/TSPM, it celebrated its 30th anniversary in December 2015 in Nanjing, China. The Foundation supports work in the rural areas of several provinces in China poverty reduction programmes, old peoples' homes, work with disabled and autistic children and disaster relieve following events such as the earth quakes in China and Nepal. The Amity Foundation also runs in the city of Nanjing the largest Bible printing press in the world. It prints bibles for over 70 countries and has printed to date over 140 million Bibles. 
As part of its new strategy, The Amity Foundation is enlarging its field operations in order to serve not only Chinese persons in need, but also the needy on other continents. In 2015 the Foundation opened an office in Ethiopia and in the same year signed  a cooperation agreement with Globethics.net. The Amity Foundation is also increasing its international advocacy work as an organisation in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC). Globethics.net through its partner foundation the Geneva Agape Foundation helped The Amity Foundation to open a Geneva Liaison Office on 9 March 2015 in Geneva.
You can read the opening summary (PDF - 50KB). You can also have a look at the pictures taken during the ceremony.
Since 2015, The Amity Foundation has raised the majority of its development funds within China. A consortium of European Protestant development and mission agencies has been supporting The Amity Foundation for 30 years. Even though China is a country that is emerging fast, there are still hundreds of millions of poor people in China. International support and cooperation therefore is still needed and welcome. The European Network of Amity Partners ENAP held its annual meeting in Norway from 14-15 March with the delegation from The Amity Foundation and the participation of Globethics.net and the Geneva Agape Foundation. 


Tell us your stories - call for testimonies

We would like to hear from you! Our communication team would like to collect stories from our participants. For those who are interested in sharing their user experience, we will use these stories across our communication materials (annual reports, flyers, social media, website…). We will not sell this content to other parties.
Let's spread the Globethics.net experience. We invite you to take a few minutes to answer the following questions:

- What is your full name, your gender, age and nationality?
- What is your occupation?
- When and why did you join Globethics.net?
- Which online services are you using and what for (library, workgroups, publications, blogs, forums, submissions of documents…)? and
- Do you have any comments about using our Globethics.net platform?

Please email your answers to Loyola Ranarison (our Programme Executive Digital, Media and Communication) at ranarison@globethics.net. Feel free to also attach your picture for us to use to illustrate your story.
We are looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Cooperation agreement with the University of Nigeria

UNN GE signing agreementOn 29 March 2016 the University of Nigeria (UNN) and the Globethics.net Foundation signed a Co-operation Agreement during the visit of a UNN delegation to Geneva. The focus of the agreement is on promoting ethics in higher education and the aim is to create synergies and to strengthen the implementation of the objectives of the respective organisations. UNN is one of the leading and largest universities in Nigeria with 17 Faculties and over 100 departments.

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There is a lot happening on the Globethics.net social media sites. We use these channels to inform about our work but also to enlarge our online ethics network. Please do follow us: we need your support, your likes, your shares, your comments, your mentions and your retweets.

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Global Ethics Forum 2016 – early bird registration closes on 15 April

Register by 15 April to take part in the Global Ethics Forum 2016 to benefit from the early bird discounted rates. 

Register for GEF2016We are looking forward to seeing you at the Global Ethics Forum, taking place from 23 to 25 June 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland with a focus this year on the theme ‘Higher Education – Ethics in Action: The Value of Values across Sectors'. We are expecting around 150 participants, including academics, researchers, business people and religious and community leaders.
The programme - view latest update -  is based around four key areas: teaching, research, governance, and society relations. During the two and a half day event the plenary sessions and moderated workshops/laboratories are planned on the four areas including topics to do with ethics and education, ethics and institutions as well as personal ethics. The Forum will provide ample opportunities for participants to learn, exchange and explore practical projects and initiatives that they can continue after the Forum. 
The Forum is being supported by a number of partners including local partners - the Ville de Genève and the Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI) - as well as by our worldwide network of contributors through the Regional Programmes and National Contacts and by our new academic partners who share our vision of the impact of our work through this Forum. We are pleased to announce the cooperation between Globethics.net and the Centre Européen d'Enseignement et de Recherche en Ethique (CEERE), Hartford Seminary, FLACSO Argentina, the International Council for Open  Distance Education (ICDE), the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), the University of Nigeria (UNN), the University of South Africa (UNISA), as well as other partners that are in the process of coming on board, in making the Forum possible. 
For more information contact the Global Ethics Forum coordinator Anh Tho Andres-Kammler at globethicsforum@globethics.net.

African Christian Asset Programme (ACAP) workshop

African Christian Asset Programme (ACAP) workshopGlobethics.net with the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) and supported by Bread for the World co-organised a planning workshop of the "African Christian Asset Programme" (ACAP) in Nairobi, Kenya from 2-4 March 2016. Churches and church-related organisations from 10 countries were represented by its General secretaries and heads of finance. in order to develop strategies to improve the management of the manifold assets (land, forests, real estate). Read more…

Globethics.net support for leadership training in Wuhan, China 

Globethics.net support for leadership training in Wuhan, China Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger, Executive Director of Globethics.net, provided a two-day leadership training in China from 21-28 March 2016. Ninety entrepreneurs, pastors and social workers attended this training on diaconia and social work in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province. Read more...

Two-day conference to discuss and reflect on how to handle ethical values

On 7 and 8 April 2016, "Fokus Ethik" organises in KK Thun (Culture and Congress Center Thun) in Switzerland a conference focused on applying models of ethics in different sectors. Several key speakers will provide presentations and will facilitate panel discussions. Prof. Dr Christoph Stückelberger is member of the preparatory Advisory Committee.
For more information about the programme and the registration, click here…

Ecotheology conference in Greece and manifesto

Ecotheology conference in Greece - group pictureIn 2015, Globethics.net, the World Council of Churches, Bread for the World and the United Evangelical Mission conducted a global survey on activities of churches on the challenges and the solutions around Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security issues from theological education, ecumenical formation and Christian leadership development perspectives.
From 10-13 March 2016, all those involved in the survey  met at the Volos Academy in Greece for a follow-up consultation  on "Resources and Best Practice Models for Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security". Read more...

Global Environmental Policy Programme - Executive Summer School in Geneva

From 28 August to 7 September 2016, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the University of Geneva (UNIGE) in Switzerland are organising an all-encompassing and intensive course on Global Environmental Policy Programme (GEPP). Read more…


Collines des mille souvenirs : vivre après et avec le génocide perpétré contre les Tutsi du Rwanda

Andrea Grieder
ISBN 978-2-88931-100-2

Aimable K. S., rescapé du génocide rwandais, écrit: "La souffrance a construit une maison dans mon coeur. Je pleure pour qu'elle soit détruite." Ce témoignage pose directement la question centrale qui anime cette recherche doctorale en anthropologie, centrée sur le génocide perpétré contre les Tutsi du Rwanda. Comment retrouver sa beauté intérieure en dépit des effets traumatiques du génocide et ainsi les surmonter ? Collines des mille souvenirs aborde cette question à travers des portraits, essentiellement de rescapés. Il s'agit d'un regard intime et profond, entre anthropologie et littérature, qui appréhende la vie d'aujourd'hui dans le cadre du paysage émotionnel et social de la société post-génocidaire. Un voyage vers les mille collines du Rwanda – et leur charge mémorielle –, qui esquisse des chemins de guérison.

Order print copies from Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk Amazon.fr | Amazon.de | Amazon.es


Globalisation of Concern III: Essays on Climate Justice, Education, Sustainability and Technology

Aidan G. Msafiri
ISBN 978-2-88931-098-2

In this third collection of essays under the title of Globalisation of Concern, Aidan G. Msafiri addresses the pressing topical subjects of our time providing ethical orientations on the ethics of land justice and sustainability, the role and relevance of education and the developments of technology and cyberspace in societies. The Christian, African and global perspective of this book makes it an important source for students and decision-makers in all sectors of society. A book of reflection and hope.

Order print copies from Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.fr | Amazon.de | Amazon.es




News from the Head Office

Anniversary celebrations for Globethics.net Executive Director-elect

Obiora IkeChristoph Stückelberger is joining invited guests from Nigeria and from around the world at the anniversary celebrations of his successor Obiora Ike in Enugu, Nigeria on 7 and 8 April 2016. Professor Ike is celebrating a number of anniversaries including his 60th birthday, 40 years as a teacher, 35 years as a priest, 30 years as the founder of the Catholic Institute for Development, Justice and Peace (CIDJAP), 20 years as the founder of the Umuchinemere Bank and 10 years as President of the Club of Rome Nigeria. 
Professor Ike will take up his appointment as the new Executive Director of Globehtics.net on 1 July 2016.

Farewells and changes

Two Head Office staff are moving on to new pastures, Olivier Coeur de Roy, who has served with Globethics.net since 2013 as Programme Executive Website Communications and Marietta Scheurmann, Project Assistant-SME Values-based Sustainaibility Training and Global Ethics Forum who joined the team in 2014. We thank them both for all of their hard work and contributions and wish them well in their future careers.
Note that Anh Tho Andres-Kammler, Programme Executive Ethics Education who has been with us since October 2015, will take over the coordination of the Global Ethics Forum 2016 from Ms Scheurmann.  
News from the Regional Programmes

Globethics.net China:

Workshop on business ethics and social responsibility

CIBE workshop on business ethics and social responsibilityOn 17 March 2016, an experts' workshop on business ethics and social responsibility was successfully organised by CIBE and Rongzhi CSR Institute at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). Many experts and scholars attended the workshop.

To read and download the report, click here…






Globethics.net East Africa:

Christians and Muslims cooperate to overcome violent extremism

Christians and Muslims cooperate to overcome violent extremism

"No to violent extremism, yes to peace and joint action. No to legitimization of terrorism by misinterpreting religious texts and yes to counter-narratives emphasising the correct teachings of each faith." This plea was an outcome of the ‘Interfaith Consultation on Violent Extremism' that took place in Nairobi, Kenya on 5 March 2016, organised by Globethics.net East Africa. Thirty-six scholars and experts with Christian and Muslim background from academic and religious institutions in Kenya explored ways and means to overcome violent extremism. Read more...


Globethics.net Russia:

Update on Essay Competition Strategic Matrix-2016

The first qualifying round of the international ‘Strategic Matrix-2016' competition was hosted in March, conducted by Globethics.net Russia. Participants were offered a test in a distance format, and to consider some of the leading Russian companies from different sectors of the economy from the point of view of carrying out a socially responsible policy, the responsibility towards the society and the state, as well as on a number of ethical criteria. The first round was attended by over a hundred people from the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The second tour will be performed as essay on topic: Responsible leadership. How to make a model of responsible leadership needful and sustainable in the current situation in higher education, research (research ethics/responsible research) and etc. The final will be held on April 21 in Moscow at the Institute for Economic Strategies. The final stage will involve the authors of the best essays and the participants with the highest scores in an intelligent test. The winners of the competition will receive valuable prizes and diplomas.

Globethics.net South America:

Note on Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security (ETCF) consultation 

Note on Eco-Theology, Climate Justice and Food Security (ETCF) consultationBeing part of the international ecumenical consultation on "Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security (ETCF)", organized by the Bread for the World, Globethics.net, United Evangelical Mission (UEM), the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Volos Academy for Theological Studies, from 10–13 March 2016 in Volos, Greece, was a great experience. Around 20 participants from all over the world had opportunity to present and exchange our knowledge and own experience on ETCF in our particular and professional context. The consultation was a very fruitful space to debate insights and challenges and to see how the topic contributes to ecumenical theological education and ecumenical work today.
I think the most significant insights were the final inputs and commitments that each organization/participant did on how to continue working in a practical way on the topic.
Deivit Montealegre, Programme Executive of Globethics.net South America (pictured with Natallia Vasilevich)

Programa de Voluntariado Globethic.net Sur América

Luego de un proceso de selección de más de 50 candidatos/as el programa regional de Globethics.net en Sur América se complace en anunciar a los/as seleccionados/as a  su nuevo equipo de voluntarios/as para el 2016.
Desde nuestra oficina  regional en Buenos Aires, cede en FLACSO Argentina, estamos muy contentos de poder contar con el apoyo y colaboración de cada uno/a de ellos/as y estamos seguros que sus habilidades y talentos enriquecerán el trabajo de Globethics.net en la región y que al mismo tiempo ellos/as serán enriquecidos/as con la experiencia y visibilidad que tendrán desde GE. 
Bienvenidos al equipo.

- María Paz Porra, traductora.
- Mariana Blengio Valdés, editora.
- Silvia Rus, bibliotecóloga.
- Teresa Kohan, diseñadora gráfica.
- Alejandro N. Lorenzetti, traductor.
- Sofía Merlino, editora.
- Belén Ponce, traductora.
- Guilhermo Paixao Campelo, traductor.

Globethics.net Turkey:

Cross Cultural Business Ethics Survey

Message from one of our participants Ali Yağmur

The Gebze Technical University (GTU) has launched a survey in Turkey, on Ethics and Communication. The objective of this first-of-its kind study is to understand the employee's perception of ethical issues and the relationship between communication and trust and the effects on organizational behaviors. Read more...

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Integrity Week

Tayfun Zaman TEIDTayfun Zaman, the Director of the Ethics and Reputation Society TEID and of Globethics.net Turkey will be taking part in the OECD Integrity Week events in Paris, France, from 18-22 April 2016. On this occasion, the MENA Working Group on Integrity & the MENA-OECD Business Integrity Network will organise sessions around "Enhancing Integrity for Business Development in the Middle East and North Africa".

Mr Zaman will be part of "The business case for strengthening integrity" panel discussion held on Monday 18.

More information about the Development OECD Integrity Week…





Save the date: Sixth Annual International Ethics Summit on 13 June 2016

The 6th Annual International Ethics Summit will take place in Istanbul on 13 June 2016. You are all invited. The event will be held in İstanbul Bilgi University premises (Istanbul, Turkey) from 10.00am to 6.00pm.
This year, we will discuss the most difficult test a company can face, "an integrity crisis", how they survive or why they couldn't, what they did to regain trust when waters start to recede.
The summit will have parallel sessions in the morning session, and two plenaries in the afternoon, keynote speeches from Monty Raphael QC, the Summit Chair, M. Dominikus Golsong, Associate General Counsel and Vice President Legal & Compliance of Goodyear, and M. Salim Kadıbeşegil Founder of the Reputation Management Institute.
You can find details on the summit and register from www.etikzirvesi.com