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The importance of reflecting on gender equality from an ethical perspective - International Women's Day 2016

"Human beings, men and women, are created equal from the same substance; they have differences for sublime and beautiful purposes, not for discrimination"
Prof. Dr Siti Syamsiyatun, Director of Globethics.net Indonesia, Director of ICRS-Yogya, Professor for Gender Studies and member of the Globethics.net Board of Foundation. 
The 2016 International Women's Day theme is "Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality". The issue of gender and equality is still a "work in progress" in many countries and it is still the subject of controversy in some cultures.
"Ethics cannot be confined to the ivory towers of academia. It is urgent to apply ethical principles to the way people live their daily lives and to how they relate to each other. Gender parity can only be achieved when women and men are treated equally in political, economic, and social life, but for this to happen women and men need to see themselves with fresh eyes. A starting pointing is to examine critically how women and men are represented in local, national, and social media - including news, advertising, and entertainment. Changing biased and stereotypical perceptions is the key to changing attitudes."
Philip Lee, Deputy Director of Programs, World Association for Christian Communication, Author of "More or Less Equal".
Via its digital platform, Globethics.net gives those who use its services the opportunity to learn, reflect and discuss ethics issues related to gender, women's rights and equality. Here are examples of some of the many resources that are available online at www.globethics.net:

More or Less Equal from Philip Lee (Globethics.net publication)

This book, published in 2014, focuses on the use of digital platforms to advance communication rights. Some chapters are specifically dedicated to gender.
Download this book for free (PDF)
Flying broom's "local women reporters' network" from Selen Doğan and Sevna Somuncuoğlu                       
Gender and ethics in an online environment from Sonia Randhawa,    


Les héroïnes sans couronne from Kilongo Fatuma Ngongo (Globethics.net publication – In French)

This thesis published in 2015 deals with the influence of women leaders in Pentecostal Churches in Central Africa.  
Download this thesis for free (PDF)




Download for free our books, journals and reference works from our online library

Globethics.net training for Women Leaders in Kinshasa (2015)

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