Global Ethics Forum 2016

Higher Education – Ethics in Action
The Value of Values across Sectors

Global Ethics Forum 2016
23-25 June 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland

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The 2016 edition of the Global Ethics Forum, will take place in Geneva on 23-25 June 2016

The focus of the Global Ethics Forum 2016 Conference is on ethics and responsible leadership in higher education. This is in line with's new Strategy 2016-2020 and with its principle thematic focus on ethics in education and on research ethics as a sub-theme.

The aim is that the Global Ethics Forum continues to be a truly global, solution-focused and cross-sectoral event.  
Trust is the most important currency of our times. Destruction of trust immediately leads to destruction of social, emotional and financial values, as we can sadly witness in public scandals. One remedy to address this is to encourage and enable responsible leaders and responsible leadership. 
Higher education's core function in society is to prepare our future workers, including leaders (teaching) and advancing knowledge for the common good (research). 
How can we preserve this crucial role in light of the increasing commercialisation and financial pressure as well as unethical trends in higher education such as corruption and fraud?  
The Global Ethics Forum will provide the opportunity to learn from experienced speakers in plenary sessions and workshops around four areas: 
Teaching - reflection and action to integrate responsibility in teaching in order to transform students into responsible citizens and future leaders;
Research - reflection and action to integrate responsibility in research;
Governance - reflection and action to turn the spotlight back on to the institutions themselves, in order to become pioneers as values-driven organisations; and
Society - reflection and action to integrate the notion of responsibility in the discussion with higher education's main stakeholders.
We are expecting 100-150 leaders and future leaders from higher education, business, politics and religious organisations from around the world. 
Join us and let us work together to foster the integration of ethics in the entire higher education sector! 
We are looking forward to seeing many familiar and new faces, full of energy, in Geneva in June.